Inexpensive Staging Tips for Selling Your East Mesa Home
Making your home appealing to prospective buyers is an important part of selling real estate in Mesa

Now that you have decided to put your East Mesa home up for sale, either because you expect a nice return on your investment, or maybe you simply want to move, or the home might no longer fulfill your needs. But, even though there is a good amount of interest in your property, nobody is buying. It feels almost like an insult that your house and its great features aren’t selling. The home in which you have been happy and felt comfortable for many years.

Why is nobody buying your home?

Every experienced Mesa real estate agent will tell you that a major part of selling your home is how you present it to prospective buyers. Realtors and real estate professionals call this “staging”. It is essential to envision how a stranger will perceive your home when he enters it for the very first time. What might be comfortable and nice to you, might not be to someone else. Here are some inexpensive staging tricks to give your home the boost it needs to land a buyer.

Cleaning your house and removing the clutter makes it easier for potential home buyers to see themselves living there.
  • Enhance Curb Appeal: If the outside of your property is a mess, chances are you have lost the buyer before he ever enters your home. Nobody wants to live in a house that you have to reach via cracked tiles, broken plaster or a jungle of weeds. Likewise, an outside paintjob that is too bold or too old, won’t sell your house either. Mulch is an inexpensive solution that can help cover up much of outside imperfections.
  • Remove Clutter: Even though prospective buyers are aware that this has been someone’s home, they don’t really want to see it. Pack away clutter, personal items and your toddler’s extensive toy collection. It pays to present your home as a blank canvas, meaning void of the personality of your family. Buyer who are interested in your home, need to be able to envision themselves in your property. Your smiling wedding picture or baby’s first birthday party collage can make or break a sale. Also, a clutter-free home gives the appearance of a home that is well taken care off.
  • Clean Your Home. Fact is your house will never sell with rusty sinks, dirty toilets and calcified shower walls. How to fix this?-Clean, clean, clean. Ideally, before every showing. If your house is dirty and grimy and maybe smelly on top of it, buyers are turned off the moment they step through your door. In fact, hiring a professional house cleaner might well be worth the expense. A spotless, clean home, is an attractive home. Prospective residents want to be able to see themselves in your home. Make them want to!
  • Create Rooms with Purpose: Rearrange and repurpose rooms to give them a clear direction and purpose. If you are unsure of how to accomplish this, it is a great idea to spend an afternoon touring local models. New neighborhoods often have builder models you can check out, and they are expert stagers. Don’t forget to organize closets and the pantry and if you have not had a chance to paint your walls in a while, this might be a good time to do it. Fresh paint tremendously enhances the appeal of any room.
  • Bake Cookies: Yes, this old trick really works. Bake cookies or light some softly scented candles to give the home an inviting scent. A cinnamon stick potpourri on the kitchen stove works well also. Get rid of smelly sneakers, the litter box and stinky trash cans. Nobody is going to buy a home when their first thought is “ewww”.
Make sure your for sale home smells good, stinky shoes and trashcans do not make a good impression

There are many other useful tips that can help you sell your home faster. These is just a short list of inexpensive tricks that can give you an edge, if you are on a low budget. Your real estate broker or agent can also connect you with a professional stager to help your Mesa home sell faster.

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