Things may seem like they have ground to a halt during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the real estate market is continuing on. While there may not be as many listings now, there has been a slow uptick as the economy has begun to reopen and stay-at-home orders have loosened, and there is still a strong demand for real estate – especially in Mesa.

The good news is that with the right East Mesa real estate agent on your side, you can sell your home quickly in the current market. Here are a few steps you can take to set your home apart from the other Mesa homes for sale and to sell it quickly:

Move Out First

One reason that there haven’t been many house showings is that people don’t want to put themselves at risk by coming into close contact with other people. Coming into someone’s home, even if they are not there, is also a risk because the virus could be in the air or resting on surfaces. Buyers don’t know if you were just there five minutes ago or haven’t been there for 10 hours.

You can give buyers peace of mind by moving out before you put the house at the market. The house can be thoroughly sanitized, and your Mesa realtor can assure buyers and their agents that the house is sanitized between showings. That will encourage more activity in the home, which will get more eyes on your property.

Put the Right Safety Measures in Place

Every time a potential buyer enters your home, there is an increased risk of the virus being transmitted. You can assure potential buyers that this won’t happen by putting the right safety measures in place during the selling process. These can include asking anyone who enters to wear shoe covers and a face mask and to use hand sanitizer. Provide disinfecting wipes if they want to touch a surface by want protection first.

When buyers feel more confident to enter and explore your home, they are going to spend more time in it, and that provides more opportunity for them to fall in love with it.

Invest in Virtual Technology

Even with all the right safety measures in place, some potential buyers just won’t feel comfortable touring your home in person. You can still reach those buyers and show off your home’s best features by investing in the right virtual technology.

Forget about simple Face Time or streaming video. Invest in technology that will let you do a 3D virtual tour, as well as technology that will include interactive elements. Try to replicate the experience of touring your home for the buyer as well as you can, such as giving them the opportunity to virtually open doors or measure spaces.

Hire the Right Real Estate Agent

Whether you are trying to sell a house in a pandemic or not, hiring an experienced and savvy Mesa real estate agent is always going to help you sell your home faster. You need to hire a realtor who knows how to show off your home in the best light, who will help you price it appropriately, and who can market it strategically.

If you are thinking of selling your home, call the team at Trails and Paths. Our experienced East Mesa realtors, Ron and Debbie Brown, can develop an effective strategy to sell your home quickly and for the price you want. We stay abreast of the latest trends in the Mesa real estate market to help you meet your goals. Call us today to talk with an East Mesa realtor about your home and your options for selling it.

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