Going to an open house is a great way to check out a potential property without feeling any of the pressure that you can sometimes feel at an individual showing. You can go to the open house by yourself, but we recommend going with your East Mesa real estate agents Ron and Debbie Brown to get their feedback and evaluations formed by years of experience.

Your East Mesa realtor will definitely let you know if they spot anything concerning during the open house, but here are a few other bad signs you should watch out for in order to be an informed (potential) buyer:

Obviously Needed Repair and Maintenance

Keep your eyes and ears open the moment you step on the property. Take a look at the yard: Is there a steep slope that has a surface layer of pebble? The owners likely haven’t dealt with erosion problems, and that can take a lot of time and money to repair. Look at the gutters: Are they bent, or do you see leaves sticking out of them? Chances are good that the gutters haven’t been maintained, which means you might need to replace them and the house might have damage that needs to be repaired.

Keep an eye out for anything that is cracked, bent, sagging, swinging, or otherwise showing signs of wear or damage. Listen closely for creaking, dripping, or other odd sounds as you walk through the house as well. Not all damage is visible.

Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix, and they can undermine the structural integrity and health of the house. Not all foundation issues are obvious, but there are signs that you can spot yourself. Look for cracks in the foundation, as well as larger gaps.

You can also learn about foundation problems when you are inside the house. Look for cracks around the door frames and windows, and pay attention to any doors are windows that stick in their frames or are hard to open. Problems with the foundation can cause the weight in the house to shift, which can cause these other issues.

Foul Smells

Mold and mildew can be insidious. They can spread quickly throughout the house without you even realizing it because they hide behind walls and under floors. They can cause serious damage to the house, and they can pose significant health risks to your family.

You may not be able to see mold or mildew in the house, but you can likely smell it. Note any musty or otherwise strange smells and get more information before you proceed.

Small Patches of Fresh Paint

Many homeowners will freshen up the home before they put it on the market, and the first thing that most people do is paint the walls. You should walk in and see swaths of fresh-looking walls. However, if what you see instead is dirty or mottled walls with the occasional streak of fresh paint or even a section of new paint, you should ask questions.

It may be that the homeowner made repairs, such as replacing a section of drywall. Or it may be that the homeowner is trying to cover up a problem, such as a patch of mold or mildew that started to show through the walls.

A Gut Feeling

Never discount your own feelings when you are walking through a house. Everything might look ok, but something might just feel off. Pay attention to that feeling. You may be picking up on a problem without consciously realizing what it is.

Also, listen closely to your Mountain Bridge realtor. They may have a bad gut feeling also, and that is likely honed by years of expertise. If your real estate agent seems hesitant or underwhelmed by the property, pay attention to that.

Shopping for a new home is a bit of a science and an art. You need to pay attention to the physical signs that tell you about the quality of the home, and you need to pay attention to your feelings about the property. Working with a Mountain Bridge real estate agent can help guide you so that you find the right property for your budget and your needs. Your realtor has seen it all when it comes to East Mesa real estate and can give you guided feedback and information to help you make the right choice.

If you are looking for Las Sendas homes for sale, contact Ron and Debbie Brown at East Mesa Realtor to help with your search. Our experienced East Mesa real estate agents know the ins and outs of the market, and they can expertly evaluate homes. They will put all that knowledge together to help you find the perfect home for your needs. Contact us today to meet with an East Mesa real estate agent and to start your search.

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