Value Proposition

The East Mesa Realtor Commitment

It wasn’t long ago that I was sitting in the same chair you are now: I was looking to make a move, and I was looking for a company to associate with. Knowing that all companies are not alike, I was looking for more than just a great brand, a professional work environment, and a good commission split. I was looking for a quality company.

This was important to me because I knew the company I chose would become a part of my reputation, contribute to my success, and become my home away from home.

So how do you judge a company’s quality? I made a list of all the essential qualities I felt were necessary, and I used it as my measuring stick when I interviewed the major companies. Here it is:

1. I wanted a company that matched my VALUES and high standards of honesty, integrity and always doing the right thing.

2. I wanted a company that mirrored my PHILOSOPHY of always focusing on the client’s needs first, and then going a step beyond.

3. I wanted a company that was INNOVATIVE… meaning they were ahead of the curve on technology, because I knew that being on the cutting edge of technology was an absolute necessity to be competitive in today’s business environment.

4. I wanted a company that was FULL SERVICE… one that provided every service from start to finish in the real estate transaction, and enabled me to control the quality of my client’s experience.

5. I wanted a company that had MARKET SUCCESS, because I knew this success would translate to success for both my clients and me.

6. I wanted a company that had strong, proactive & reliable LEADERSHIP, because I knew that I couldn’t do it all by myself – and only with a great mentor, teacher and coach could I reach my full potential.

7. I wanted a company that had STABILITY… a company that not only prospers in the good times, but also is financially solid in challenging times.

8. I wanted a company that had true business SYSTEMS… systems that would save me time, make doing business easier, and help me make more money.
And finally,

9. I wanted a company that believed that giving to the COMMUNITY was an essential part of doing business in the community.

So, as I interviewed the major companies, one company surfaced to the top, and it was this company… What this has meant to me is that having a quality company that partners with me, and insures “Truly Remarkable Service” for my clients, creates the ideal environment for my continued personal growth and financial success.


    Experienced Las Sendas Buyers Agents
    East Mesa Realtor

    2913 N Power Rd #102
    Mesa, AZ 85215

    Las Sendas Realtor

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