5 Tips On How To Improve Your Home’s First Impressions

Curb appeal is what potential buyers will see when they first look at your home. Good curb appeal makes a good first impression, and that can carry through to everything else the buyers see and evaluate in your home. If your home has good curb appeal, it’s going to look like a great buy, and it’s going to sell much faster and for more money than homes that don’t have it.

Your Mesa real estate agent will help you get your house ready for the best sale before it goes on the market, including helping you understand ways to increase its curb appeal. Here are a few suggestions your Mesa realtor might give you and that you might want to implement to get fast results:

Enhance The Aesthetics Of Your Property’s Exterior To Attract First Time Home Buyers

Start by giving your home’s exterior a good, hard look. Is the paint peeling? Does the paint look faded or a bit dirty around the edges? Is the brick hazy or green? Now is the time to update your exterior. Hire someone to repaint it or to pressure wash it. The color will look more vibrant, and the home will look newer and in better condition.

Consider replacing the siding if it is damaged or decaying. Your realtor will help you understand where you can make the most impact – either through repainting and cleaning or through replacing and upgrading.

Lawn Care & Maintenance For Increased Sales Value

There’s a reason we have that expression that the “grass is greener on the other side.” Greener grass looks better. It indicates a higher quality. When it comes to your home, that’s not just a metaphor. It actually makes your home look more upscale and better maintained.

Fertilize and water your grass to get it looking greener and healthier. You may need to reseed to fill in patchy areas of lawn. Work with a landscaper if you need to get rid of areas of moss or bad patches of weeds.

Boost Your Curb Appeal Landscaping

Your landscaping plays a big role in your home’s curb appeal. Once you get the grass in good shape, take a look at the rest of the landscaping. Trim back any trees that are hanging over the house or the property line. Trim the bushes so they look neat and uniform. Pull any weeds out of the garden beds. Add some colorful flowers along the walkways and bed edges.

Consider adding small garden walls and borders to your landscaped areas for extra impact. Again, talk to your Mesa real estate agent to determine what strategies will have the biggest impact for your property.

Repair Your Fences & Gates For A Great First Impression

A fence is a big draw for your property. But if your fence is falling down, is faded, or has peeling paint, the fence isn’t going to look so attractive to potential buyers. It will also reflect poorly on the property overall, and make buyers have second thoughts about it.

Freshen up your fence by power washing it and then repainting or re-staining it. Hire a contractor to make any repairs that are needed, including replacing any rotted panels, tightening up connections, or rehanging the gate.

Outdoor Lighting & Garden Lights To Improve Your Property’s Looks

Strategically placed exterior lighting can make your home look beautiful and sophisticated. Spotlights can be placed to highlight your home’s best features, such as the entryway, landscaping, or architectural elements. Buyers who view your home at night will be greeted with a stunning sight (as will those who make a quick drive by when scouting properties).

Work with a landscaping professional to choose and place your lighting for best results. Your East Mesa realtor can recommend the right person for the job.

Driveway Paving & Cleaning For Your Street Appeal

Your driveway is a major asset. If it is gravel or dirt, you should consider paving it. If it is asphalt, you should consider upgrading to concrete, which will last longer. If it is cracked or crumbling, you should have it repaired. If it is stained, you should have it power washed.

You can also use your driveway as a decorative element. You can plant along the driveway, or you can install a decorative stone border. Talk to your East Mesa realtor about what kind of return on your investment you can expect from the different options.

House Renovation To Maximize Your Home’s Worth

Finally, you should assess your home and make any repairs or updates that are needed. If the roof is looking bad, replace it. If the gutters are sagging, have them rehung. If the shutters are falling off, repair them. Buyers will notice all of these things, and they will take them as a sign that your house has more problems waiting inside because you haven’t taken care of it or you haven’t taken the time to update it.

East Mesa Realtors Advice On House Renovation To Maximize Your Home's Worth

First impressions make a lasting impact. You may never be able to overcome a bad first impression, and that can cost you many buyers. However, if you make a great first impression with your home, you can make an easier sale and get more money for your home. Work with your Mesa real estate agent to make the right upgrades to your home to maximize its curb appeal and have the best sale.

Contact East Mesa Realtor if you are thinking of selling your home in the Mesa area. Our experienced East Mesa realtors can help you get your home ready for a fast and successful sale. We’ll market your home to build excitement and demand, and we’ll help you ensure that your home is ready to make the best impression on potential buyers. Our goal is to sell your home quickly and for the price it deserves. Call us today to talk with an East Mesa real estate agent about your home.


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