The Best Hiking Near Las Sendas In Mesa AZ

Las Sendas Community in Mesa is known for its great hiking and incredible views. Real Estate Agent Ron Brown goes over some of the best trails.
Mesa, AZ

Las Sendas is situated in the beautiful eastern Mesa section of Arizona, also known as the red mountain area. This area is accentuated by the dramatic peaks and rises of the superstition mountains, views of 4 peaks, and even the world famous Salt River and Usery Mountain recreational area. While there are more hikes than we could possibly discuss in one place, here are a few of our favorites:


Flatiron is one of the most advanced hikes in Arizona.1 The trail features nearly a mile in elevation change, and can easily take an entire 8 hour day. Hikers are advised to bring plenty of water, and pack a sweater – when you do make the summit, the temperature change can make the top 20 to 30 degrees cooler than the valley floor below. Successful completion of the trail is rewarded with some of the most breathtaking photos of Arizona possible, and magnificent views of the Las Sendas community from above.


Butcher Jones is one of the most beautiful hikes that you can easily access by car.2 Parking in the Tonto national forest does require a permit, so be sure to grab one from a local gas station or convenience store before heading into the Usery Mountain area. This one is an easy drive from the Las Sendas gated community of Mesa Arizona, you simply head down Ellsworth Road and make a right on the hunt highway, and drive about 15 mins. you’ll pass a spectacular view of the marina on Saguaro lake, after which the Butcher Jones turn off will be just ahead on your right.
The hike itself does not have many elevation changes, and can be done in 45 mins to an hour each way with a moderate fitness level. The views are unbeatable – some of the comments include “it is like Jurassic park back here” and “holy moly”. For the best of the best, go in early February when the Reeds by the lake release their seeds into the wind, the best time is first light in the AM, it is a magical thing you do not expect to find in Arizona.


The Wind Cave trail can be found along the lead in to pleasant mountain pass trail. Both are awesome trails, but pleasant mountain is nearly 8 miles, and wind cave is just over a mile, much more time effective.3 There are plenty of natural scenes on both trails, and it is not uncommon to see wild Javelina or coyotes during the hike. This is considered an advanced hike, so be sure to have your cell phone, water and possibly even a walking stick. The way down can be a little treacherous, so if you do not have good hiking gear consider hitting the big 5 near the trailhead to purchase hiking boots with firm grip and ankle support.

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